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It is important that everybody young & old gets enough vitamins and minerals every day in order to keep fit & healthy. Vitamins affect every part of our body including the way our hair, nails and muscles develop and grow, our sight and the way we digest food, our heart and our nervous system.

The amount of vitamins required depends upon our age, health & lifestyle. Children often require less vitamins whilst elderly, or people with specific medical conditions, may require more & pregnant women should take folic acid supplements during pregnancy.

For most people a healthy balanced diet will give you all the vitamins & minerals you need. However more & more people these days are starting to take more responsibility for their own health & are more interested in their diet. Because of this interest there is now a huge market for health supplements with an equally huge product range available on the internet. There is an enormous amount of information available on health supplements and vitamins many of it contradictory which naturally leads to confusion.

In general it is advised that you should only need to take vitamin health supplements of 3 types, Vitamin A, Vitamin D & Folic acid. It is wise to consult your Doctor or health professional, a dietician or your pharmacist about which health supplements to take and in what quantities you should take them.

It is because everbody is unique that fitnessdiethealth.com would recommend you try a new concept in medical & nutritional science, by answering a few questions about your health, lifestyle & medical concerns Lifescript will provide you with a unique supplement program prescribed specifically for you. Their vitamin program will provide the nutritional support that you need to live life at its healthiest. "" Free Vitamin Profile"" (US Customers only)



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